[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: apr(-util) 0.9.5-1

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Sun Jan 2 20:58:00 GMT 2005

Jon A. Lambert wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> APR and APR-util, portability and miscellaneous utility libraries,
>> have been updated in the Cygwin net distribution to version 0.9.5-1.
>> This is a minor upgrade from the 0.9.5 development version bundled
>> with apache 2.0.52 to the real 0.9.5 release, which has, at last,
>> occurred.
> I can't find this package Max.  I tried a number of mirrors.  I couldn't
> find it listed in setup.  The new subversion package that you released
> is listed in setup though.

Thanks for the notification.

I'd remembered that the versions would compare the wrong way around, and 
written curr and prev lines into setup.hint. But, I specified versions, 
forgetting that upset wants version-release pairs.

Fixed now. (Will take a while to flow to mirrors, though)


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