suggestion -- mailer replies should go to Cygwin list

David Christensen
Sun Jan 2 20:57:00 GMT 2005

Suggestion -- When a user selects a message sent to the Cygwin mailing
in their mailer and activates the mailer "Reply" feature, the reply
should be addressed to the Cygwin list, not the original poster.


p.s. I looked at the headers for my "Subject: expand changing DOS line
endings to Unix line endings" sent "Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 12:27:55
-0800" when it came back from the list.  I'm not going to post the
headers here because the senior people on this list flame anyone who
publicly posts e-mail addresses, so take a look at the headers in your
mailer.  I think the problem is that the "From" field shows my address
and/or that there is no "Reply-To" address going to the mailing list
(?).  I assume this is to reduce the amount of spam sent to the list
(?).  There is a "Mail-Followup-To" pointing to the list address, but I
guess my mailer doesn't use that (?).

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