grep 2.5.1a-1: -P unsupported

David DelGreco
Mon Feb 28 18:06:00 GMT 2005

I think I found a bug in the latest version of grep in Cygwin.  I use
"grep -P" frequently to search for files using Perl-compatible regular
expressions.  I updated Cygwin a couple of days ago, and suddenly found
the -P and --perl-regexp options (equivalent) didn't work.  When you try to
use -P, it says "-P option not supported."

I messed around with options, installed and uninstalled pcre and Perl, and
finally went back from grep 2.5.1a-1 to the previous version, 2.5.1.  That
fixed it, leaving me to assume something in 2.5.1a-1 is broken, with respect
to the perl-compatible options.


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