regtool - 1.8 - Core dump

Alexander Joerg Herrmann
Mon Feb 28 05:05:00 GMT 2005

> That doesn't change the fact that it's still a
> Cygwin application,
> because it's linked against cygwin1.dll.  Because
> you have cygwin1.dll
> on the system and in the same directory as
> regtool.exe means it will be
> found when you run regtool.
I got that. I just didn't check.
> Why aren't you using 'mount' and/or 'umount' to
> manipulate the mounts? 
> There should be no need to modify the registry
> directly to add or remove
> mounts and doing so may break in the future. 
> Regtool is not the proper
> program to use to modify mounts.
I'am currently traveling to Thailand accessing the
Host computer thru Internet mainly
thru a CygWin installed on my USB Stick. They allow
you here to do a lot of stuff in the Internet Cafe on
there computer but sometimes regedit is blocked. Same
is true for the mount command. Dunno why but it's
blocked in some places. regtool does the job quite
well. I just plug in the USB Stick in the nearest
Internet cafe and start cygwin.bat where I included
all the regtool entry's. After startup I use 
ssh -Y -l myname 
and then I'am able to work just as the computer would
be here.
So much to the explenation. 

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