win32 error 6

Christopher Faylor
Sun Feb 27 17:41:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 06:35:26PM -0600, Warren Adams wrote:
>I saw some discussion of the win32 error 6 in the archives.  I have also 
>experienced this.
>I am running the current cygwin1.dll, and also tried the newest 
>snapshot.  The behavior changed, but my code still did not run.  The crash 
>comes before cygwin even gets to main.  Maybe some of this will be of help 
>to finding the problem.  Unfortunately, I cannot send my code, it is 
>company proprietary.   Here are the outputs:
>With cygwin1.dll from normal setup.exe install:
>/home/dad $cd f\:/mav-sdsm17/
>/cygdrive/f/mav-sdsm17 $ mav
>f:\mav-sdsm17\mav.exe (4028): *** MapViewOfFileEx(0x728, in_h 0x728) failed, Win32 error 6

This is not an error from the latest snapshot.

This problem should be fixed in the latest snapshot.


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