perl & Win32 lib support

Reini Urban
Sun Feb 27 00:35:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski schrieb:
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Linda W wrote:
>>Not knowing the exact order of how things are released, does announcing
>>it on "cygwin-apps" mean that it will be available via setup soon?
> Announcing something on cygwin-apps means that the other maintainers will
> look at it if necessary, and that someone with access will eventually
> upload it to  Once that happens, the package will be
> announced on cygwin-announce, and *that* does mean that it'll be available
> via setup soon. :-)

You can point setup to [Add URL]
and install the unsupported and unannounced perl-libwin32
package also.

>>When it is, does that mean we should be able to build perl modules/utils
>>that inter-operate with the native Win32 interface?

 > I'll let Reini answer this one.

To enable building for perl modules/utils that inter-operate with the 
native Win32 interface you just need the exact c/c++ compiler the cygwin 
perl was compiled with (see the perl cygwin README), plus gnu make and 
coreutils of course, plus the dependent packages.
If some packages are dependent on some libwin32 package (libwin32 is 
just a bundle of useful Win32 packages) then you need the perl-libwin32 
cygwin package, because building them by your own via CPAN is quite hard.
In the next future the libwin32 team will try to incoorporate the 
current huge cygwin patch into each module step by step. Until this will 
be done, you'll have to live with the (yet unreleased) cygwin package.

Of course building any Win32 package with gcc, which is not supported 
for cygwin nor mingw, is quite hard, since some Win32 package authors 
just assume that there only exist ActiveState perl (and MSVC / nmake).
And don't accept patches for cygwin/mingw.
Reini Urban

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