.bashrc not working (and yes I've read the FAQ etc as you'll see)

Arthur I Schwarz Arthur_I_Schwarz@raytheon.com
Fri Feb 25 09:26:00 GMT 2005

Some thoughts which others have thought before me:

  1. /etc/password should reference shell and home to use
  2. /etc/profile is executed at 'login ...'
     a. Note comments on /etc/profile.d
  3. $HOME/.bashrc, $HOME/.inputrc are executed (for bash)
  4. If you use scripts and intend to import environment
     variables, export <name> should be used
     a. and 'source .bashrc' within a script helps
  5. If you use scripts and intend to import aliases
     then you need to supply a separate <shell> file
     for the system to execute (I just did this and
     <sigh> don't remember the steps.
  6. Info bash and read and read and ... helps
  7. Don't forget '#! /bin/bash` or equivalent as first line.

Bottom line, when things go wrong it really takes some
digging. In my case I always (always) do something wrong.
Note that /etc/profile contains information specific to
locating $HOME. After login have you done 'echo $HOME'?


Steve wrote:

>Forgive the defensive addendum but I've no wish to be either flamed or
>ignored when I've tried available pathways to solving this.

Must ... resist ... urge ... to .... flame ... }:-)>

>.bashrc not working and yes my $home variable is correctly
>defined but I
>put a copy of .bashrc into / anyway just in case.
>The --login and -i switches are used.
>I even used the --rcfile switch and pointed it directly to my .bashrc
>file at which point cygwin just bombs out.
>.bashrc file contains only the line
>Alias ls='ls -al --color=auto'
>I even made .bashrc executable using the command chmod +x
>(just in case)
>but this changed none of the behaviour.   What am I missing.

I'm pretty much missing a proper description of the problem. Whaddaya
mean ".bashrc not working"? And what's "cygwin just bombs out" supposed
to mean - is it some sort of new hacker language or technical term I
didn't pick up on?

What's your entry in /etc/passwd say?


Jesper Vad Kristensen

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