packg mngmnt model & other cygwin package releases...(where did they come from?)

Linda W
Fri Feb 25 06:26:00 GMT 2005

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:

> How is that not good publicity? There are a ton of cygwin binaries out
>there; all you need to find them is usually the package name, "cygwin",
>and google.  I know Gerrit, who maintains a lot of packages, also has
>a large number of things he's built and put out there with no intention
>to maintain them.  That's really sufficient; without someone responsible
>for maintaining them, they should only be available unofficially.
Good point.  Unmaintained projects should be dropped when
they no longer work or are too outdated.  SGI had a "contrib"
CD (later became 2 CD's) that was totally composed of
unofficial, "volunteer effort" projects.  No official support
and provided on an "as is" basis.  They were only kept on the
CD(s) while they worked, or as long as they had someone
"sponsoring" a "util".  Mostly the CDs were composed of IRIX
ports of Gnu based utils...  It was just done as a convenience
for interested customers.  It was also only composed of
tools actually submitted for inclusion -- not "one of's" or
hacks that people didn't want included.

But all of this discussion is moot if there is no high level
interest in providing 3rd party links or a cygwin-contrib
section to setup.  Having all package dependancies specified
in the "setup" format _might_ be another obstacle to 3rd
party ports of existing rpm packages.  Rpm could be enhanced
to work with/around Window's file-copy semantics -- if by
no other method that using "" "movefile"
utility which allows replacing of "in use" files (followed
by a reboot to finish the install just as setup does).


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