packg mngmnt model & other cygwin package releases...(where did they come from?)

Brian Dessent
Fri Feb 25 05:35:00 GMT 2005

Linda W wrote:

>     I'm not saying that there is some "approval" -- just
> that the module author can't check it in themselves.  I
> think this was the case with theh kernel -- it wasn't
> that linus went through and approved each line sent in
> by the senior kernel maintainers, but I had the impression
> that there was a bottle-neck on the check-process to the main
> tree.  That's why, I believe, they chose to go to a more public version
> control model - so "owners" of specific parts could
> check in changes in their section directly.  I don't see,
> from what you said, that the cygwin model is any different
> than having only a few people with check-in access to the
> tree, rather than each packager maintainer having check-in
> ability for their individual packages.

We're not talking about "checking in" anything, we're talking about
uploading files to the site which is mirrored to the
download locations.  And anyone with an account and sufficient
permissions can do this, it has nothing to do with CVS checkin ability. 
Many package maintainers have sourceware accounts and can upload their
packages themselves.  Those that don't just post a "please upload"
message and it's usually done within hours, by any of the people with
such an account.  You seem to be saying that there is some kind of
inherent flaw in that maintainers can't push out versions whenever they
wish, but that's just not the case.

If there is a package that is "stuck in the process" it's because the
maintainer does not have time to finish it or has not tested it yet, or
hasn't coordinated with other package maintainers of related packages. 
None of that has anything to do with the logistics of and
giving everyone an account with upload permissions would do nothing to
change that.

>     Perhaps a list of "related projects" or links to
> 3rd party cygwin-app projects on the cygwin website
> would benefit the cygwin community.  Something along the
> lines of "Other projects using cygwin (note we have no
> connection or responsibility for 3rd party projects)"... or scroll down to the bottom of the home page.


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