sshd and authorized_keys

Michele Petrazzo
Fri Feb 25 01:17:00 GMT 2005

I'm making some test with sshd and authorized_keys. If I use the
standard directive into /etc/sshd_config :

AuthorizedKeysFile ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

I'm able to login without password from a client, but I want to
move the authorized_keys from ~/.ssh/ to another directory, for
example /ssh/keys/authorized_keys, because I want to use only one
key (I have only one user that can login into this machine)
sshd say me:

debug1: trying public key file /ssh/keys/authorized_keys
Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /

I don't want to modify ownership of / !

Is there a method to tell to sshd to don't make control of
Or, is there a method for make my idea work?

Michele Petrazzo

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