ssh-agent and /tmp/ssh-* removal at logout

Jim Kleckner
Wed Feb 23 20:59:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Feb 23 06:18, Jim Kleckner wrote:
>>ssh-agent leaves stale directories named /tmp/ssh-xxxx
>>that contain the named pipe for authentication.
>>These left over directories come about when you log out
>>or shut down the computer without stopping ssh-agent
>>either by running keychain to shut it down or sending it
>>a SIGHUP to exit and clean up.
>>Could ssh-agent catch the shutdown message and thus
>>do the proper cleanup?  What would that entail?


> But it's correct behaviour.  A forcefully killed process usually isn't
> in the shape to make cleanup tasks.
> Corinna

I guess a better way of phrasing my question would be:
Many Windows applications receive a notification on logout or
shutdown that allows them to take an action prior to being
killed (including dialogs with the user).  Is there any practical
way to use this for ssh-agent (or other cygwin processes)?
For example, could the cygwin subsystem receive this notification
and send a SIGHUP to the process?  I'm guessing that the
answer is that it is not practical.


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