ssh-agent and /tmp/ssh-* removal at logout

Karl M
Wed Feb 23 20:40:00 GMT 2005

>From: Jim Kleckner
>Subject: ssh-agent and /tmp/ssh-* removal at logout
>Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 06:18:50 -0800
>ssh-agent leaves stale directories named /tmp/ssh-xxxx
>that contain the named pipe for authentication.
>These left over directories come about when you log out
>or shut down the computer without stopping ssh-agent
>either by running keychain to shut it down or sending it
>a SIGHUP to exit and clean up.
>Could ssh-agent catch the shutdown message and thus
>do the proper cleanup?  What would that entail?
>I noticed that in Karl's script to start keychain:
>that he removes any /tmp/ssh-* pre-existing and presumed
>stale directories left over by dead ssh-agent processes
>and this assumes that there is only one ssh-agent per machine.
>Not as good as actually getting rid of the source of the
>zombie directories.
Actually, it does not assume that there is only one ssh-agent process per 
machine. I routinely use it with ssh-agents processes for multiple users. 
The files for other users are protected so that they can not be deleted. 
Thus, only the current user's tmp files are deleted.

I'm in the process of doing some clean-up work and trying out keychain 
2.5.1. I am also adding ${HOSTNAME}.cmd file creation for use with Windows 
shell scripts. If there is interest, perhaps I should offer to maintain 
keychain, with additional support for launching it from a service. Launching 
keychain from a service allows the ssh-agent process to survive logout, so 
you only type a passphrase once per reboot instead of once per login.



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