ssh-agent and /tmp/ssh-* removal at logout

Jim Kleckner
Wed Feb 23 17:20:00 GMT 2005

ssh-agent leaves stale directories named /tmp/ssh-xxxx
that contain the named pipe for authentication.
These left over directories come about when you log out
or shut down the computer without stopping ssh-agent
either by running keychain to shut it down or sending it
a SIGHUP to exit and clean up.

Could ssh-agent catch the shutdown message and thus
do the proper cleanup?  What would that entail?


I noticed that in Karl's script to start keychain:
that he removes any /tmp/ssh-* pre-existing and presumed
stale directories left over by dead ssh-agent processes
and this assumes that there is only one ssh-agent per machine.
Not as good as actually getting rid of the source of the
zombie directories.

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