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Eric Blake
Wed Feb 23 16:55:00 GMT 2005

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According to Corinna Vinschen on 2/23/2005 5:14 AM:
>>Unfortunately, I am not in a position to assign copyright to Red Hat at the 
>>moment, so I can't contribute an implementation.
> Too bad.  We could need help.

Well, I'm willing; it is getting my employer to sign a disclaimer that is
holding me up at the moment.

>>POSIX requires statvfs() in <sys/statvfs.h>, but cygwin currently only 
>>provides statfs() in <sys/vfs.h>.  stat(1) can print more accurate 
>>information from a working statvfs than it currently does with the existing 
>>statfs interface.
> Which is weird since statvfs doesn't contain much more information than
> statfs.

Well, CVS coreutils (but not 5.3.0) added stat -f -c"%s%S", to
differentiate between %s (optimum block size for fast transfers) and %S
(fundamental block size, or the size of a block on disk), based on
information in statvfs but not statfs.

Also, your first cut at <sys/statvfs.h> left out ST_RDONLY and ST_NOSUID.
 When you add those #defines, you might as well populate all the other
f_flag member bits with the ST_* namespace reserved to this header.

>>looks like it would not be too hard to extend the existing fhandler_zero 
>>functionality into supporting /dev/full.

Thanks for implementing that.

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