coreutils wishlist

Eric Blake
Wed Feb 23 15:13:00 GMT 2005

The following two wishes are not essential, but would improve coreutils. 
Unfortunately, I am not in a position to assign copyright to Red Hat at the 
moment, so I can't contribute an implementation.

POSIX requires statvfs() in <sys/statvfs.h>, but cygwin currently only 
provides statfs() in <sys/vfs.h>.  stat(1) can print more accurate 
information from a working statvfs than it currently does with the existing 
statfs interface.

Linux provides /dev/full at major device 1, minor 7, and the properties of 
world readable/writable, writes error out with ENOSPC, reads behave like 
/dev/zero, seeks succeed.  The coreutils testsuite tries to use /dev/full to 
ensure that utilities behave correctly in the face of write errors.  It 
looks like it would not be too hard to extend the existing fhandler_zero 
functionality into supporting /dev/full.

Someday, I might put a cute statement here.

Eric Blake   

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