how to install apache with perl on cygwin

Brian Dessent
Wed Feb 23 14:32:00 GMT 2005

Erwin wrote:

> Hi all I'm a newbia in cygwin. Thus sorry for my simple question.
> I've installed cygwin on WinXP SP2 and all its packages needed to run apache
> and perl, because I need to run cgi:irc on my windows.
> My problem I used the "How to install" documentation from
> and didnt come out
> successful. So anyone know where can I find documentation for installing
> apache and perl on cygwin?

There's a huge difference between running perl in the normal CGI way and
running mod_perl.  As far as I know mod_perl has not been ported to
cygwin and would require a great deal of effort to get working. 
However, if you just want to run perl CGI scripts you don't have to do
anything special, just run the script as a CGI and have the normal
"#!/usr/bin/perl" shebang.


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