cygpath -m (and -w) sometimes emits multi-line names

Dave Korn
Tue Feb 22 21:57:00 GMT 2005

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>Sent: 21 February 2005 23:58

> On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 03:21:35PM -0500, I wrote:
>> My mistake.  Sorry.
> On second thought:
> Both the man page and the usage information on cygpath indicate
> that it only accepts a single file name argument.  These should
> probably be updated.

  A fair point.  Attached :)

  Hmm.  Anyone out there know about utils.sgml better than me?  I have two

1)  Does it matter that the usage line is now longer than 80 chars?

2)  What's with the CDATA section ?

<example><title>Example <command>cygpath</command> usage</title>
if [ "${1}" = "" ];
		XPATH="$(cygpath -w "${1}")";
explorer $XPATH &

  When I look at the generated manpage in info or man, the opening <![CDATA[
tag is displayed, but the closing ]]> tag has disapperared.  I think it's
probably not meant to be this way?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....
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