cygwin bughunt (Jip-hee!)

Christopher Faylor
Sun Feb 20 13:32:00 GMT 2005

On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 11:29:38AM +0100, David Dindorp wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>The test were performed with 1.5.10-3, as newer versions call upon me
>>>all sorts of other problems and thus can't be pushed to the failing box
>>>right now.
>>>>Btw, I urge everyone to try the latest cygwin snapshot!

This quote comes from a thread that suggested cygwin had mind control

If that was really true, you'd be using a snapshot by now.

>>>Will do.  Has the problem been found that results in this error?: ***
>>>MapViewOfFileEx(0x188, in_h 0x188) failed, Win32 error 6

I don't know.  You didn't produce a test case and I could never
reproduce the problem.  I did take a stab at fixing it and made some
changes in that code so the error message will be different now, at

>>2) You can *try* a snapshot to see if it fixes your problem.
>"Will do" sort of implies that that was exactly the course of action I
>was contemplating :-).

And asterisks around *try* implies that you should stop talking about it
and start *doing* it.

It is possible that this problem has been fixed by my recent attempts
to correct the dreaded "hyperthreading" problem.  However, if it hasn't
been fixed, I'm not willing to debug problems in 1.5.10.  It would be a
fruitless endeavor.  The code has changed in the last six months and,
even if the problem was tracked down, we're not going to be releasing a
new version of 1.5.10.

If you want help, either use a snapshot or CVS.


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