Hello, and installation question

Mills, John M. Mills.J@ems-t.com
Fri Feb 18 17:13:00 GMT 2005

All -

First, 'Hello' from a new subscriber (though not a new user). I use Cygwin
primarily for cross-development from a Win32 host and find it impressively
functional. Now I need to bring some other developers on-board.

My question: I need to install Cygwin on systems with no net access and am
having problems building a CD fileset from which to install on other

I have a very satisfactory Cygwin installation on a net-connected WinXP-Pro
laptop and would like to install a similar configuration on other systems. I
haven't been completely successful targeting a Win2k desktop system.

I used the Cygwin installer to download the fileset I want, and put the
downloaded directory in the same branch as the installer and those files the
installer creates ('setup.ini', etc.). I then put the entire branch on a CD
and tried to install from that on my target. The result is only a partial
installation - most obviously I miss some of the X11 files. The problem
files don't appear on the the installation list when I work on the target,
but they _do_ appear when I use the same CD on my original installation
host. (I know I am missing the 'xorgX11*bin-dlls* files; there may be others
I haven't noticed yet.) I know the files are on the CD, but they don't show
up on the installation menu list _when_I'm_on_the_new_ target_. They appear
just fine on the target where the packages were already installed.

I have tried installation directly from the CD, from a hard-drive copy of
its 'setup.exe', and from a full HD copy of the fileset. None of these was

The target machine has a _very_ old, non-X11-supporting installation of a
'Cygnus' API that I ultimately want to replace, but for the moment I want
parallel environments if possible. (I mention this in case there may be
interaction, though I haven't noticed any.)

I conjecture there is a list or configuration file somewhere on the target
or on my CD that screens packages for possible installation, but I don't
know how to force the choices or modify (delete?) such a file. 

TIA for any suggestions.

John M. Mills
Staff Engineer
EMS Technologies
660 Engineering Drive
Norcross, GA 30092
770.263.9200 ext4882

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