OpenGL problem

Christopher Faylor
Thu Feb 17 15:31:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 08:02:39PM -0500, Andr? Bleau wrote:
>>Now, I also apologize for writing to you directly, but although I am
>>subscribed to cygwin-apps, I didn't receive the message to which I am
>>now replying.  I only found it on the web.  This is why I thought it
>>better to reply directly to you.
>This is really surprising.  If you are subscribed to the list, you
>should receive all messages sent to it.  If not, you should inquire
>with the list manager.  If your email connection with Cygwin's lists is
>unreliable, I suggest that you add the following line to messages you
>send to the lists:
>"Please CC your response to this message directly to my address."
>I never reply directly to people sending messages to lists, unless they
>require it explicitely.

cygwin-apps is a subscriber-only mailing list devoted to a specific
purpose.  Since the OpenGL message was just a request for help and the
OP had already appropriately sent similar messages to the main cygwin
list, they were unsubscribed from cygwin-apps.

I usually rely on someone telling off-topic posters that they are
off-topic but in this case that didn't happen.


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