Unable to delete a number of directories...

Evan Platt evan@espphotography.com
Thu Feb 17 13:24:00 GMT 2005

At 03:47 PM 2/16/2005, you wrote:
>If your getting access denied then you're not the owner.

Only one user on this system, and I'm the one who installed it...

>What do you see when you open an Explorer, right click on the Cygwin 
>folder, select Properties. Do you see a Security tab.

Nope, I have General, Sharing, or Customize. General has the read-only 
tick. If I untick it, I get the access denied.

Under Sharing is Local sharing and security (disabled) and networking 
sharing and security (disabled). Customize has folder options and folder 
security. And I confirmed my account is computer administrator.

>If so go there then click Advanced, then Owner. Select your user and that 
>should recursively take ownership of the folder. Not certain on XP Home if 
>this is exactly the same but it's similar. You can check it by OKing out 
>of everything then going back to the Security tab. It should list the user 
>you selected there at least. Plus the Advanced: Owner tab should show the 
>new owner. At this point deletion should be possible.

This is XP home, which I don't believe has folder ownership?


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