mkfs.jffs2 for Windows

Robb, Sam
Wed Feb 16 22:34:00 GMT 2005

> > I have been searching the mailing lists and the web for a 
> version of 
> > mkfs.jffs2 that will run on Windows.  I do not believe one 
> is available
>   Correct.  Cygwin relies entirely on the underlying 'doze OS 
> for file-system
> support, device drivers, and so on.  Since there is no 'doze 
> support for jffs2,
> there is no way to format and mount such a filesystem under cygwin.

For the record: mkfs.jffs2 takes as input a directory and an
option device table file, and turns that directly into a file
containing a jffs2 filesystem.  So, OS support really isn't

Getting mkfs.jffs2 to build & run under Cygwin is not all that
difficult.  I've done it before, and gotten permission from my
employer to package it for Cygwin - what I lack at the moment
is time :-/  Until then, if anyone is interested in helping
push this through as a proper Cygwin package, I'd be happy to
talk to them about it.


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