Tetex installation problem on cygwin

Kim Youngbae bluedawn5@hotmail.com
Tue Feb 15 17:22:00 GMT 2005

Dear Cygwin:

Recently I set up cygwin on XPpro SP2 with setup.exe (version 2.457.2.2)
including tetex package. After installation, I started tetex but it has 
been stopped
with following message:

$tex a.tex

This is TeXk, Version 3.141592 (Web2C 7.5.3)
file:line:error style messages enabled.
%&-line parsing enabled.
kpathsea: Running mktexfmt tex.fmt
tcfmgr: no info for file `fmtutil.cnf' in map 
fmtutil: config file `fmtutil.cnf' not found. 
I can't find the format file `tex.fmt'! 

And the following is tcfmgr.map

# file			rel dir			search path		progname
config			dvipdfm/config		other text files	dvipdfm
config.ps		dvips/config		dvips config		-
modes.mf		metafont/misc		.mf			-
pdftexconfig.tex	tex/generic/config	.tex			-
fmtutil.cnf		web2c			web2c files		-
mktex.cnf		web2c			web2c files		-
updmap.cfg		web2c			web2c files		-
XDvi			xdvi			other text files	xdvi

I assumed a path problem, and
I type the following in cygwin.bat file.

set TEXMFCNF='/usr/share/texmf/web2c'

But It does not works.
Is it a problem of configuration or installation of tetex?

I attached output of cygcheck -svr

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