insensitive case problem in latest cygwin

Mark Paulus
Tue Feb 15 05:17:00 GMT 2005


My understanding of Windows implementation of Filesystems 
is that they MIGHT preserve case, but they are not Case
sensitive.  Which is apparently what lead to the whole thing
about creating managed filesystems, which not only preserve
case, but are also Case Sensitive (as opposed to case 
sensitive).  I would be really shocked if your mv AAA aaa worked
on an unmanaged filesystem, and if it did, could you verify what
kind of filesystem you are working on?

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:45:04 -0500 (EST), Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

>On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Jason Taylor wrote:

>> windows xp
>> The current version of cygwin seems to ignore case in the filesystem.
>> if you open a cygwin bash shell and type
>> touch AAA
>> mv AAA aaa
>> it says that 'AAA' and 'aaa' are the same filename and doesn't change
>> the filename.

>That's the behavior I've gotten for as long as I can remember, which
>prompted me to write this useful script:
>------------------- BEGIN /usr/local/bin/mvv -------------------
>/bin/mv "${1%%/}" "${1%%/}-$$" && mv "${1%%/}-$$" "${2%%/}"
>-------------------- END /usr/local/bin/mvv --------------------

>> When I run cygwin setup and go back to the 'prev' version the mv
>> command changes the name of the file like it has in previous versions.

>Very strange.  What version was the 'prev' version?

>> Sorry I can't get version numbers right now but it's Valentine's day.
>>  - jason

>Oh, and neither 'uname -a' nor 'cygcheck -svr' run on Valentine's day?
>Why, that's just MEAN! :-)
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