cygwin SFTP utilities? and another question

Christopher Thomas
Mon Feb 14 13:09:00 GMT 2005

To all,

Hello! I've very new to cygwin and linux and the unix type language and 
architecture. I come from a VMS and Windows background so this is new 
terratory for me and I'm very confused and know next to nothing.

I've setup cygwin on my Windows XP Pro system to take advantage of using the 
SFTP server. I've got it running, but am limited to the very basic running of 
it, like adding accounts and updating the passwd file /etc director and 
setting up the user account by type ssh username@ I have people 
successfully accessing my SFTP server.

That's it though, that's all I know. Here are some questions:

Is there a way for me to monitor the active connections through cygwin?

Can I kill a connection if I choose to do so?

Also, because of my lack of knowledge in this enviromnet, I have no idea what 
I can do with cygwin. I find traversing the realm os very hard as 
most of it is way over my head.

Is there some "beginners" information that I can get on cygwin and what I can 
do with what I installed or what I can install. I followed the very basic 
installation instructions to achieve being able to use the SFTP server.

I would really like to learn, but have no idea of where to begin or where to 
find basic enough information to start growing and learning from.

Sorry to all you guru's for asking such simpleton questions, but I can really 
use and would very much appreciate your help.


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