Add single package manually with setup.exe (with network).

"Bernd Müller-Zimmermann"
Sun Feb 13 17:02:00 GMT 2005

[ This must be an old question, but I really searched
  the archives, sorry... ]

How would I use/configure setup.exe to install a *single*
package manually from the network?

I have a nicely working Cygwin installation on my W98 PC.
I came from a CD, which I currently don't have.
I'm just missing "make" and "nasm". (And I think, they
weren't on this CD either.)

I didn't manage to make setup.exe install only those
two packages. I would select "Default" for all groups
and then click away all packages but "make" and "nasm",
but it would still start to download *many* packages
(which I can't afford on my modem connection).

Thanks a lot

Bernd [dot] temporary1 [at] gmx [dot] de

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