cygheap version mismatch ?

Sun Feb 13 10:38:00 GMT 2005

Larry Hall <lh-no-personal-replies-please <at>> writes:

> Start here:
> >Problem reports:

Yes thank you, I looked through the FAQ and instructions, and also 
googled around but didn't find anything specific on this.

> Also, did you start any Cygwin services? 
No. No services.

But I got it working again now by running setup and reinstalling
everything related to X11.

Still, there is the nagging doubt about whether I didn't miss
a package or two in the reinstall and perhaps have a time-bomb
lurking in the depths of the system that may blow up in my
face somewhere a little further down the road.

I would have preferred to actually understand what was 
happening - were the files corrupt ? How did it happen ?
If they weren't, how would reinstalling the same files fix
the problem ? 

Cheers CV

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