where is mh?

Jeff.Hodges@KingsMountain.com Jeff.Hodges@KingsMountain.com
Sun Feb 13 05:49:00 GMT 2005

(n)mh is not in the cygwin distro. mebbe someday (as I understand) if someone 
were to step forward to make it happen.

Earl Hood's done a some of the work already (below), tho someone would have to 
take his stuff and back-fit his changes into the autoconf stuff so that it'd 
actually build correctly.

I've got Earl's nmh installed and am playing with it. my goal is to install 
exmh "on top" of it. will report back if I get it all to work.



search for..

From: Earl Hood <ehood at earlhood.com>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 20:30:44 GMT

  I've made a tar/bz2 bundle available at


  This includes the patched source with binaries pre-built.

  I just remembered that I also had to hack the makefiles to get
  things to install since windoze executables have to end with .exe. I
  hacked the generated makefiles, so if you rerun configure, you may
  lose the hacks. Also, I believe the install will fail when trying to
  install the documentation, so to force things do:

    make -i install

  The binaries and support files should get installed (under
  /usr/local/nmh), but the docs probably won't.

  Then you will need to edit /usr/local/nmh/etc/mts.conf to reflect
  your local configuration.

  If anyone has any problems installing, I could zip up my
  /usr/local/nmh since I think it contains everything needed for
  runtime usage.


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