Setup.exe 2.457.2.2: spin button won't allow me to reinstall coreutils

Reini Urban
Sat Feb 12 21:41:00 GMT 2005

Steve Munson schrieb:
> Installing the newest version of cygutils (1.2.6-1) removed
> /bin/readlink, as explained in the ChangeLog entry for 1/31/05. I
> thought the remedy would be to reinstall coreutils (5.2.1-5), which
> cygcheck now reported as incomplete. However, setup.exe refused to
> reinstall it. The spin button only presented the options to Keep and
> Uninstall, no matter which view I used. Finally, I used the spin button
> on the Base category in the Category view to select Reinstall for the
> whole category, and then selected Keep for the rest of the packages in
> the Base category individually. Clicking the Next button displayed a
> message box with this error:
> Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception
> Thread: install
> Type: St16invalid_argument
> Message: URL Scheme not registered!

Thanks for the report.
Filed as bug #717
Reini Urban

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