scponly for chrooted sftp server in cygwin

Chad Neufeld
Sat Feb 12 16:03:00 GMT 2005

Once again, thanks for the help Christian.

I am now able to login to the sftp server but the connection seems to hang.

This is what I login with:
	$ sftp chrtest@ipaddress
	Connecting to ipaddress...
	chrtest@ipaddress's password: 

And then nothing.  It just sits until I cancel the connection.  However, on
the server machine scponlyc.exe and sftp-server.exe startup and are shown as
active processes.  

I am attemptin to chroot the user to the base directory / to make sure
scponlyc is working.  I have the following line in /etc/passwd


I couldn't find anything on scponly hanging at this point.


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