Memory for large arrays in cygwin/g77

Mark Hadfield
Fri Feb 11 14:07:00 GMT 2005

Charles D. Russell wrote:
> Dante Chialvo wrote:

I think the following quote is from a message of mine...

>  > I have the same problem. I have g77, g95 and >grfortran (gfc) 
> installed (see below). With >heap_chunk_in_mb set to 1024, on a machine 
> with >1024 MiB RAM< I can run a simple Fortran >program with an array of 
> up to ~ 1023 MiB. With >g77 & gfc the limit is 156 MiB and beyond that 
>  >it fails with something like
>  >
>>  gfctest.exe (844): *** MapViewOfFileEx(0x224, in_h 0x224)
>>  failed, Win32 error 6
> I was using large fortran arrays with no trouble a year ago using the 
> -Wl,--stack option to enlarge the stack, but it is no longer working for 
> me.  Same machine, but with cygwin upgrades and with SP2 for the XP 
> pro.  Something has changed.

I have these problems on Windows 2000. I suspect it is Cygwin and/or gcc 
that has changed.

> Switching to g95 is a poor option.  Both g95 and gfortran are currently 
> beta software, and it is gfortran that is destined to replace g77 in the 
> next version of gcc.

Right now, poor options are the only ones available.

There is now a Mingw version of gfortran. Does that help?

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