Memory for large arrays in cygwin/g77

Charles D. Russell
Fri Feb 11 13:31:00 GMT 2005

Dante Chialvo wrote:

 > I have the same problem. I have g77, g95 and >grfortran (gfc) 
installed (see below). With >heap_chunk_in_mb set to 1024, on a machine 
with >1024 MiB RAM< I can run a simple Fortran >program with an array of 
up to ~ 1023 MiB. With >g77 & gfc the limit is 156 MiB and beyond that 
 >it fails with something like

>  gfctest.exe (844): *** MapViewOfFileEx(0x224, in_h 0x224)
>  failed, Win32 error 6

I was using large fortran arrays with no trouble a year ago using the 
-Wl,--stack option to enlarge the stack, but it is no longer working for 
me.  Same machine, but with cygwin upgrades and with SP2 for the XP 
pro.  Something has changed.

Switching to g95 is a poor option.  Both g95 and gfortran are currently 
beta software, and it is gfortran that is destined to replace g77 in the 
next version of gcc.

Besides, I have the same problem  in creating large arrays in C.  Again, 
the -Wl,--stack switch that I used a year or two ago is no longer 
working.  The problem is not just in fortran (though it is we fortran 
users who want humongous arrays.)

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