Cygwin memory profiling tools?
Thu Feb 10 23:30:00 GMT 2005

I have the task of porting a big C++ application to Windows XP. It
currently runs on Linux and AIX, and builds using g++ 3.2 &
makefiles. Fortunately, the big application contains a lot of small
test code, so I have been able to do small incremental builds and test
them in Windows before moving on to bigger pieces. I am thus using
Cygwin/G++ for the porting.

Unfortunately I have hit a snag that seems to bar any workarounds. It
seems that most any time I load a DLL that uses new/delete, I get a
crash, usually 'signal 11'.  The crash goes away if I don't load the
DLL, but that's not possible for the big application.

This same code that crashes under Cygwin runs under Linux, and
generates 0 errors under valgrind on Linux.

My question is, what debugging tools are there on cygwin or Windows
that would help here? Valgrind seems to not be available, and gdb only
tells me that the coredump occurred during a destructor (or after the
program ended.) How do I find out what code is screwing up memory


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