Running custom cygwin apps from Matlab for windows

David Wagner
Thu Feb 10 21:31:00 GMT 2005


      I'm new to cygwin. My lab does medical image analysis, and while our 
statistical analysis can be done in Matlab on the PC, our image 
preprocessing is done in Unix (using command line tools). Using cygwin I've 
managed to get our unix apps to work on a PC.

      However I would like to automate the process from within matlab. 
Ideally Matlab would send command lines to cygwin which would perform the 
operation and automatically exit when finished. I've found no clues in the 
documentation as to whether it's possible to send commands to cygwin from 
native windows applications. Anyone have any ideas or links?

      An alternative route would be to run matlab under cygwin and do 
everything in cygwin. Is this possible with say, the linux version of 

       Any help would be much appreciated.


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