strange cp behavior with (coreutils 5.2.1)

Jane Doe
Wed Feb 9 09:12:00 GMT 2005

$ net use \\\\shiva /u:shiva\\administrator
$ cp //shiva/c\$/cvsmq/eqgame.h .
cp: cannot open `//shiva/c$/cvsmq/eqgame.h.exe' for
reading: No such file or directory
$ net use \\\\shiva /d
$ net use \\\\shiva /u:develop\\dkaa
$ cp -v //shiva/c\$/cvsmq/eqgame.h .
`//shiva/c$/cvsmq/eqgame.h' -> `./eqgame.h'

I think this used to work when cp was part of
fileutils.  The file itself has owner (develop\dkaa)
read permissions but Everyone has no explicit
permissions.  Giving Everyone read permissions makes
it work.

This file was generated with cvs.  On the server:
$ ls -l eqgame.h
-rw-rw-r--    1 dkaa     group    31497 Jan 31 18:25

Is this a real bug?  Thanks.

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