bug in setup.exe?

Swenson, Eric Eric.Swenson@am.sony.com
Tue Feb 8 23:18:00 GMT 2005

I've run into the following situation on several machines now, at multiple
times -- each with different versions of cygwin (so I'm not following the
bug reporting procedure as I think the version information provided by
cygcheck isn't really relevant and as I'm currently in a non-cygwin-working
state as a result of this issue).
Frequently, when running setup.exe and specifying that all packages should
be installed (the mode I almost always use), setup.exe bombs while
uninstalling a package that it knows it needs to update with the error that
cygwin1.dll is not found.  Indeed, at the point the dialog box comes up
telling me that cygwin1.dll wasn't found, if I check, it has indeed been
deleted from my /bin directory (actually d:\cygwin\bin).  I suspect this is
because setup has determined that it needs to upgrade my cygwin1.dll, and
therefore must uninstall the old one first and then install the new one.
The problem is, that either setup itself (doubtful) or one or more of the
uninstall/install scripts needs cygwin1.dll in order to run successfully.  
Can anyone in the "know" tell me how this is supposed to work?  
I tried searching the mailing lists, but the cygwin site says that searching
was disabled due to your recent disk crash.  I tried searching on google and
only found one relevant reference
(http://sources.redhat.com/ml/cygwin/2002-12/msg01346.html) and that page
didn't lead me to any responses.  
If you press the ok button on the dialog telling you that cygwin1.dll was
not found, setup proceeds with the next package.  Frequently, I have to
press OK many times (depending on the packages needing to be installed, of
course) in order to get to the end of setup.  Sometimes I can get through
with a successfull uninstall/install of the necessary packages and
cygwin1.dll does get installed again.  But the packages whose
uninstall/install depended on cygwin1.dll, of course, were not actually
"correctly" uninstalled or installed.  
Ideas?  -- Eric

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