RXVT copy/paste behavior

Reid Thompson Reid.Thompson@ateb.com
Tue Feb 8 23:01:00 GMT 2005

Dave Korn wrote:
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>   It's insane.

not really -- works exceptionally well for me, much better than keyboard
shortcuts for my use.

>   Unless you have the precision muscular control skills of a
> world-class gymnast, a mouse always moves at least a little
> bit when you press down on the button.

I never considered my muscular control as such - but evidently I should
try out for the next olympics

>   This makes it very tricky to select a new window without
> unintentionally erasing the contents of the clipboard that
> you were hoping to paste there because the mouse moved just
> enough as you clicked it to select a single character and the
> auto-copy destroyed your clipboard contents without asking.

I cannot remember the last time this happened to me... i.e. extremely
rare for this to occur.

>   The entire model is screwy.  It wastes lots of my time and
> interrupts my workflow.  The 'doze way works smoothly and is
> much closer to fail-safe: it's very hard to accidentally
> press Ctrl+C and lose data in the same way.
not true, considering that the c and v keys sit side by side on the

if the sequence copy with left mouse button, select new window with left
mouse button, paste into new window with middle mouse button/scroll
wheel causes you problems...


copy with left mouse button, select_and_paste at same time into new
window via middle mouse button/scroll wheel.


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