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Arthur I Schwarz
Tue Feb 8 20:37:00 GMT 2005

Well, you got me all enthused, sigh :-(.

Which requires a path. The objective (here) is not to put the scripts on a
path because they are transient and using PATH would be overkill. So:

./<my_script>               Which does indeed provide a path ('.'). But so
does dirname $0.
source scripts/<my_scripts> Which can't find <my_scripts>. `dirname $0`
returns 'bash', and as an added mystery if the code looks like:

     echo $0
     echo `dirname $0`
     which -a <my_script>

the system also crashes my bash shell.

Oh well.


On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 09:20:53 -0800,  wrote:

>I'm trying to find the directory of an executing bash script and am having
>very limited success. For example(s):
>1. <path>/
>2. source <path>/
>3. bash <path>/
>I can find the correct <path> only for the first example (dirname $0). PWD
>(of course) only works when <path> == ./. The other two cases I can't seem
>to get to work. Any idea how to get the <path> in examples 2 and 3?
unless I'm missing something you want

which -a your_script

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