Couldn't create signal pipe - User permission problem? (IIS6/Win2003)
Tue Feb 8 20:05:00 GMT 2005

Dear List,

I am seeking advice regarding the permissions it necessary for a windows
system user to have in order to successfully execute a binary that uses 

The binary in question is mkisofs.exe as supplied with the
cdrtools-2.01-win32-bin package. The package is supplied with
cygwin1.dll version 1.5.12, which I believe to be up to date.

My operating system is Windows 2003 server.

When I try to execute the binary it exists with the error message shown 

3 [main] ? 1148 cygheap_user::init: OpenProcessToken(), Win32 error 5
D:\cgi-bin\cdrtools-2.01-win32-bin\mkisofs.exe (1148): *** couldn't
create signal pipe, Win32 error 0

I have identified Win32 error 5 as an "access denied" error.

I have verified that NTFS permissions are not at fault using a utility 
called FileMon from SysInternals to check file system accesses and their 
status. Im quite certain that the NTFS permissions are not the problem.

I am not executing mkisofs.exe from a command prompt or shell, but
rather as a CGI application from a PHP script running under the
IIS6 web server.

This worked fine under Windows 2000 on IIS5, and so I suspect that the 
problem relates to tighter security settings on IIS6 / Windows 2003.

I found this thread:

I granted the user the application pool is running under "create global 
objects" permission as suggested. Additionally I have granted the user 
"adjust memory quotas for a process" and "replace a process at token 
level" as Microsoft suggests is necessary for CGI applications. But 
still the process exits with the same error message.

And so my question is, does anyone have any idea which permission might 
be missing and be causing this error to occur?

And does anyone have any experience with calling binaries that use 
cygwin1.dll as a CGI application under Windows 2003 and IIS6?

Thank you for your time,

NB: I am still able to execute other binaries (that dont use 
cygwin1.dll) as this user under IIS6. For instance to call rar.exe.

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