cygwin1.dll crash

Dave Korn
Tue Feb 8 19:18:00 GMT 2005

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> here you have the output for dir /w
> its quite huge

 Directory of C:\oracle\ora90\Apache\Perl\5.00503\bin\mswin32-x86

[.]               [..]              a2p.exe           perl.dll
perl.exe          perl5.00503.exe   perl95.exe        perlglob.exe
               6 File(s)        987.136 bytes

  This is ActiveState perl, so I was wrong in my first guess.  I'm still
suspicious that it's the root cause of the trouble though; if any of the
setup.exe post-install scripts rely on perl, they are liable to invoke active
state perl instead of cygwin perl, and break when it fails to understand
cygwin-style POSIX paths.

> I've put the cygwin path in top of my PATH var. but still the 
> same problem

  Hmm, peculiar.  May need some more thinking time over this.  Precisely how did
you set it?  If you do it using the PATH command in a DOS prompt, that wouldn't
affect a copy of setup.exe that you launched from explorer, you do need to set
it in Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment
Variables.  Try setting your PATH to nothing but these entries:


and see if that helps any.

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