perl winpid?

Reini Urban
Tue Feb 8 18:10:00 GMT 2005

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
> Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 02:17:32PM +0100, Reini Urban wrote:
>>> Igor Pechtchanski schrieb:
>>>> On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Reini Urban wrote:
>>>>> I feel quite stupid now, but found nothing simple.
>>>>> How to get the winpid from the current process in cygwin's perl?
>>> We will check out there where this cygwin specific functionality
>>> will go to.
>>> Win32::Process::CygwinToWin32ProcessID() is my suggestion.
>> I'd rather see them in the Proc:: namespace, and I think it would make
>> sense to put them in perl's cygwin.c itself, if Gerrit is willing to
>> release yet another perl-5.8.6.  If this sounds OK, I'll come up with
>> a patch.
> I have no problem with another release.  And I agree that such important
> functions should go inside perl.

Then we won't have to pollute the Win32::Process namespace with this 
cygwin-only functionality. And we don't have to wait for the still 
unmaintained libwin32 upstream.

README.cygwin, cygwin/cygwin.c:
=item cygwin32_winpid_to_pid($pid)

Returns the windows process ID for the given cygwin pid. cygwin-only.

=item cygwin32_pid_to_winpid($pid)

Returns the cygwin process ID for the given windows pid. cygwin-only.

Or as seperate Proc::Cygwin package, which could be maintained at CPAN 
and go to vendor_perl within gerrit's perl package?


Reini Urban

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