Installing in root (was Re: Linux Journal Cygwin article)

Dave Korn
Tue Feb 8 17:47:00 GMT 2005

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> linda w wrote:
> > Perhaps he has read that many developers and users on this list
> > use "C:\" as the root diretory and have no problems.  I had the
> > impression that the advice to install into a subdirectory was more
> > of a Covering One's Behind (COB?) when presenting cygwin as 
> a commercial
> > solution to vendors.  I find it more useful to have it in the root
> > directory, as I use my cygwin tools and shell to manage my 
> XP machine
> > instead of the Windows tools.  I have yet to run into a problem
> > with conflicting software ...
> Sorry but that's a horrible idea.  I would never want to do that
> personally.  If you install Cygwin as a subdirectory for itself it's
> much easier to delete, backup, modify, etc.  For example if you need
> multiple installations around for testing you just "umount -A", rename
> the dir to something else, and reinstall a new one.
> If you want /home on Cygwin and windows to match then just 
> mount it that
> way.  You can mount things however you want them, but that 
> doesn't mean
> you have to have the files physically in the root dir.  Mount 
> c:\windows
> on /windows, c:\documents and settings\ on /home, whatever.  That's no
> justification for installing Cygwin in the root directory.

</ZIPPY>  Yow!  Confusing the root directory of a single drive with the root of
an entire filesystem tree gives me cognitive dissonance!  </ZIPPY>

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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