cygwin1.dll crash

Dave Korn
Tue Feb 8 17:09:00 GMT 2005

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> Hi
> here you have a syscheck log

  Let's take a look

Path:	C:\oracle\ora90\bin

  Ah.  A version of Perl.  And not ActiveState perl.  Very likely compiled and
running under cygwin.  An old version of the dll, most likely.  If my theory is
right, you're going to have trouble as long as both the Oracle directories and
the cygwin directories are in your PATH setting at the same time.  Would you
mind posting back the output you get from running "dir /w
C:\oracle\ora90\Apache\Perl\5.00503\bin\mswin32-x86 C:\oracle\ora90\bin" in a
DOS shell?  I'd like to see.

  To fix the cygwin installation, you could shut down all oracle-related
software, including Apache if that's running, then move C:\cygwin\bin to the
front of your PATH, and re-run setup.exe; that should update your installation
OK.  But then you might later have trouble running oracle stuff.  So the best
solution would probably be to remove cygwin from your PATH altogether, and add
the command "PATH C:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%" to your C:\cygwin\Cygwin.bat startup

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