perl & Win32 lib support

linda w
Tue Feb 8 08:31:00 GMT 2005

I thought there had been a fix in the works for this problem -- I
wanted to write a program using cygwin perl to access/modify the Registry.

When I load the Win32 package from cpan and try building it, I get
a familiar error message "IsWinNT" is undefined, so building and
installing cpan registry access routines isn't possible. 

Is there something else that would break if "IsWinNT" is set to
"true" if the underlying OS is NT based (or IsWin95 for Win9x/Me)?

I might be able to use ActiveState's Perl, but it doesn't play
so well with CPAN and doesn't seem to handle Cygwin paths very well

Was there a work-around for this?


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