Installing in root (was Re: Linux Journal Cygwin article)

linda w
Tue Feb 8 08:18:00 GMT 2005

Perhaps he has read that many developers and users on this list
use "C:\" as the root diretory and have no problems.  I had the
impression that the advice to install into a subdirectory was more
of a Covering One's Behind (COB?) when presenting cygwin as a commercial
solution to vendors.  I find it more useful to have it in the root
directory, as I use my cygwin tools and shell to manage my XP machine
instead of the Windows tools.  I have yet to run into a problem
with conflicting software ...

Is it still worth the extra hassle of separating cygwin into it's
own sub-root?  I integrated my cygwin and windows home as well --
they are both "/home/<username>"; i.e. "Documents and Settings" on
my machine has been renamed/changed to /home.

I strongly wish that I wouldn't get the "reminder" of not
installing in "root" as I've had for the past three+ years --
if I've already installed there, I've already seen that warning
message countless times before (sigh)...

Maybe the advice not to install in root could be reconsidered?
Has anyone had any problems installing in root?
Defaulting to a subdirectory is probably the "right" thing to do,
but on the good/bad scale, certainly choosing "\" to install in
isn't like crossing the streams or something, eh? :-)


Christopher Faylor wrote:

>And the author actually gives some bad advice of not using the default
>c:\cygwin root directory, claiming that we said it was best to do things
>that way.  Why would we have a program with a default that
>we didn't want people to use?

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