perl winpid?

Reini Urban
Mon Feb 7 01:46:00 GMT 2005

Reini Urban schrieb:
> I feel quite stupid now, but found nothing simple.
> How to get the winpid from the current process in cygwin's perl?
> $$ is the cygwin pid which is different from the windows pid 
> GetCurrentProcessId().
> Im just finishing perl-linwin32, and this is the last failing test, 
> assuming $$ == WINPID
> Is GetCurrentProcessId() somewhere in Win32CORE or should I add it to 
> Win32::Process?
> Win32::API is unfortunately not in libwin32, where it would be a simple
> $GetCurrentProcessId = new Win32::API( "kernel32.dll", 
> "GetCurrentProcessId", [], N )

In the meantime I added it as patch in

This will be in perl-libwin32-0.191-2, but I'll wait a bit longer for 
We should provide a more generic cygwin pid => winpid translator, but in 
which namespace?
Reini Urban

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