Christopher Faylor
Sun Feb 6 11:04:00 GMT 2005

If you were subscribed to this list you should have received email
telling you that (aka was down.

As you can see, we are now back up again.

We had a hard disk failure which was exacerbated by faulty RAID
firmware.  Putting a new disk into the array caused massive
system corruption.

We're back online now, running from backups that are less than 24 hours
old.  The RAID firmware has been updated and we've verified that this
problem should not reoccur.

Running from backups means that we've jumped back in time so if you've
subscribed or unsubscribed from this list and now are either not getting
or getting it, that's why.

Also any package maintainers who released packages last Thursday (2005-02-03)
or Wednesday (2005-02-02) should double check that their packages are
still there.

And now to bed.


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