Cant install Cygwin

Adam Heinz
Wed Feb 2 19:06:00 GMT 2005

Hello JJ,

I recently had the same issue.  I am building a repository on an intranet
server from which all employees will install Cygwin.  A few days ago, I
downloaded an older version of a package that I already had installed, then
poked around in setup.ini to see how Cygwin managed which packages were
current or previous, etcetera.  Shortly thereafter, a new installation of
Cygwin failed in exactly the manner you describe.  (If you echo $PATH, you
will see that the Cygwin paths normally prepended to the Windows path are

I can't tell you exactly what caused the problem (although setup.ini munging
seems likely), but after I blew away my repository and repopulated it,
Cygwin installs worked properly again.


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