FAQ? Can setup import a packet List or is there another way to simply clone an Installation?

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed Feb 2 16:02:00 GMT 2005

Erhard Schwenk wrote:

> I have a cygwin Installation on Machine A which runs fine and has a large number of packets selected in setup.exe.
> Now I want to install cygwin on Machine B as well with an identical package list. Unluckily, there is no "import package selection" Button in setup.exe and I did not find any hint to use any command line parameters.
> I found out that the actually installed package List can be dumped out with cygcheck -c > list.txt. Do I really have to print this out and select them manually in setup.exe on my new System? Or is there any trick kind of "setup --packagelist=list.txt" ?

There was a thread recently about how to make setup install a specific
list of packages:
<http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?t=110538149700001&r=1>.  The two methods
mentioned there involve making a special "installed.db" file and
creating a dummy package that "requires" the list of packages that you

Both of these methods will only let you specify a list of packages by
name, not specific versions.  setup.exe will install whatever version is
marked "current" for each of them.  If you need to specify both a
specific list of packages and specific versions, then you're probably
going to have to run your own package repository with the desired
versions, in conjunction with the "dummy package that requires
everything" method.  There are instructions on the website for running
your own package install server.

If you just want to duplicate Cygwin from one machine to another then I
would just tar up the cygwin tree on one machine and untar on another. 
This does have lots of potential issues though, so if you aren't
familiar with Cygwin then I wouldn't recommend it, especially if the
destination machine does not yet have Cygwin installed.

BTW: You will get better search results if you use the word "packages"
and not "packets".


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