FAQ? Can setup import a packet List or is there another way to simply clone an Installation?

Erhard Schwenk eschwenk@fto.de
Wed Feb 2 15:09:00 GMT 2005


Maybe this is a FAQ, but I read around some time on cygwin.com and Google and did not find a single Hint to achieve this. Maybe also I am just looking for the wrong keywords. 

So here is my Problem: 

I have a cygwin Installation on Machine A which runs fine and has a large number of packets selected in setup.exe. 

Now I want to install cygwin on Machine B as well with an identical package list. Unluckily, there is no "import package selection" Button in setup.exe and I did not find any hint to use any command line parameters. 

I found out that the actually installed package List can be dumped out with cygcheck -c > list.txt. Do I really have to print this out and select them manually in setup.exe on my new System? Or is there any trick kind of "setup --packagelist=list.txt" ? 

Erhard Schwenk

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